Kevin takes calls on the prison system in the state of Idaho.  A former corrections officer, now a police officer, calls in to give his insight into the system.  The officer states that the system is working.  Several folks call in to voice their opinion to Kevin Miller.  Jared Halpern of Fox News Radio reports on the arrest of Mexico's largest drug kingpin 'El Chapo.'  Kevin reports that Erin Andrews will now be the co host of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.


Kevin looks at the proposed restructuring of the military and it's impact on jobs in Idaho.  Kevin then looks at a report detailing the challenges of the prison system in Idaho.  He asks listeners if new prisons and jails are needed.


Fox News Reporter Steve Taylor updates Kevin on the national governors meeting in DC.  They discuss the economic impact of the administration's announced military cuts.  Steve gives a shout out to Governor Otter.


Dave Petso checks in with Kevin.  They discuss the possibility of a 300-400 room hotel in downtown Boise.  Kevin asks Dave about the impact of the defense cuts in Idaho.  Kevin and Dave debate the merits of government spending.


Kevin examines the story of military cutbacks including the Army transferring Apache Helicopters to active units from reserve and guard units.  He then throws out the impact it would have on jobs at Gowen Field.   Fox News Radio's Jeff Monosso checks in talking about gay athletes.



Kevin takes a look at the Taliban deciding not to negotiate the release of Idaho POW Bowe Bergdahl.  He looks at the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars.   He then looks at the Jason Collins / Michael Stam stories.


Kevin and Dave take a look at the Winter Olympics wondering who watched it.  Dave talks about the X Games.  Kevin says that kids today miss out on real superheroes like Captain America and Batman.  He says today it's Harry Potter and the Hunger Games.  Dave talks about the Daytona 500 and Kevin believes Danica Patrick is all hype.

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