Kevin Miller and the panel take a look at the Code of the West and how it applies to the governor's race.  They look at the race for Canyon County Commissioner and the search for a new Nampa Superintendent.  Patriot Ray comments on the president's 'my brother's keeper' program.


Kevin Miller introduces the topic of the AG Gag Bill and Governor Otter signing it.  Alma the anti fracker calls in to voice her displeasure with the bill.  The panel agrees with her and takes a look at when a possible law suit will be filed.  Walt from Nampa calls in to talk about the Ukraine being invaded Russia.


Kevin Miller and the panel take a look at the House Hearing yesterday passing Campus Carry 11-3.  The bill now goes to the full house for a vote.  Kevin continues to take calls and hear from the panel.


Kevin Miller discusses the campus carry bill with the panel.  Kevin says the state is not conservative because of the difficulty passing campus carry.  The panel disagrees with Kevin and bedlam breaks out.  Kevin tries to censor Tea Party Bob to no avail.


Kevin Miller introduces Patriot Ray, Daryl and Shelia, Tea Party Bob, and Too Fly Bry.  The panel starts off with Kevin and Patriot Ray discussing the president's 'my brother's keep initiative.  The panel takes a tough look locally and nationally at Common Core.