Kevin Miller, Tea Party Bob, Patriot Ray and Pat from Middleton continue to discuss the post primary republican party.  The panel looks at a user fee for electric cars.  Kevin thanks the drive by liberal who yelled 'Obama is the best president' while visiting the panel.

Dave Petso joins Kevin Miller previewing his show Money Matters.


The panel continues to look at the tough issues.  The GOP unity is brought up and Pat debates Tea Party Bob.  Darryl from the Canyon County Tea Party jumps in to talk about a user tax.

The topic of the state republican convention coming up in a few weeks is brought up.  The panel predicts that there will be chaos at the convention.  Pat and Bob yell at each other over the future of the GOP.

The panel debates a user fee for electric cars.  Patriot discusses the impact of raising the minimum age being increased to fifteen dollars an hour.  The panel gets heated in answering the question of will they support Governor Otter or the unnamed democrat gubernatorial candidate.


Welcome to Mayhem in the AM!

Kevin Miller, Patriot Ray, Pat from Middleton, and Tea Party Bob are out on location at the Walmart on Garrity and Franklin.  It's day 6 of #millersmission benefiting the Valley Women and Children's Shelter, the Lighthouse and the Boise Rescue Mission.

TPB begins by expanding on the VA Scandal.  Pat Middleton joins in and wonders will we ever take care of our veterans?  Patriot Ray joins the crew and brings up Bowe Bergdahl.  The panel gets heated as they try to focus on the issue of media attention on national issues.