Kevin Miller and Dave Petso look at the markets as most companies get ready to file their quarterly reports.  Dave previews what's coming up next on Money Matters.


Kevin Miller and the panel debate family issues.  Republican State Chairman Barry Peterson calls in to ask about how to defend the family.  Several folks call in to defend traditional American Values.


Kevin Miller and the panel debate legalized drug use.  They discuss the growing profitability of pot shops in Colorado and Washington.   The panel erupts questioning governments roll in promoting drugs.


Kevin Miller hears from Darryl and Sheila about the GOP convention.  They go over what happened and wonder where is the outrage.  Patriot Ray remains calm as Tea Party Bob and Kevin Miller engage in a debate about Governor Otter.


The panel explodes as Tea Party Bob believes the folks at the border should be treated medically and returned home.  Kevin Miller disagrees and says that would only encourage more people to come to America for free medical care.  Patriot Ray blames President Obama.  Sheila points out that the Veteran's are still not being taken care of.


Kevin Miller is joined by Patriot Ray, Darryl, Sheila, and Tea Party Bob.  They begin to look at the border crisis.  They look at state GOP Chairman Barry Peterson and Tea Party Bob gives a movie review.