Kevin Miller speaks with David Bozell from For America.  They look at the challenges of paying for Obama Care.  Kevin and David examine whether either party will ever represent the American public.



Kevin Miller speaks with Ira Melhman from the Federation for Immigration Reform.  They discuss the latest on the border.  Kevin looks into the push for amnesty by the republicans and democrats.  Kevin then debates callers on the leadership vote being held today.


Kevin Miller goes live to Capitol Hill to speak with Fox News Radio's Rachel Sutherland who is reporting on the House leadership vote today.  Kevin and Rachel go over every scenario involving Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador's attempt to become House Majority Leader.


Kevin Miller interviews Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch about the missing IRS emails.  Chris details what's next and the latest on the Benghazi hearings.  Chris goes in depth about the loss of individual liberties.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jennifer Keiper from Fox News Radio.  They look at the GM Hearings yesterday on Capitol Hill.  Kevin looks at the safety of GM products.  Kevin looks at the controversy involving the Washington Redskins.


Kevin Miller is joined by Greg Pruett of the Idaho Second Amendment Alliance.  They discuss the latest in concealed carry permits and possible new restrictions.  Kevin and Greg look at the appeal of World Cup Soccer.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Washington Redskins being stripped of their trademark by the federal government.  Kevin details his encounter with a young lady at the Garrity Walmart.