Kevin Miller speaks with Tara from the Boise Rescue Mission.  She reports on the children's programs at City Light and the Valley Home for Women and Children.  Kevin Miller reviews the president's comments concerning immigration.


Kevin Miller interview two Idaho Pageant winners who donated turkeys, food, and clothes to the Boise Rescue Mission.  Kevin Miller takes calls on the road conditions and urges folks to stop in and donate.


Kevin Miller speaks with Canyon County Commissioner Craig Hanson about the road conditions in the county.  Commissioner Hanson details the commission's plan for a new jail.


Kevin Miller interviews Donny from the Lighthouse Rescue Mission.  Donny gets very emotional about his road to recovery.  Kevin Miller speaks with callers about the road conditions.


Kevin Miller is joined by Sergio from the Lighthouse Rescue Mission.  He details how he ended up on the streets.  Sergio shared his road to redemption.  Kevin Miller is joined by Mike Minegar from Minegar's Auto Body or as Kevin calls him Body Man Mike.  Mike donates turkeys 20 turkeys from his business and his brothers.


Kevin Miller debates the immigration issue and what the president will do tonight.  Several folks call in voicing their opinions.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the weather and the roads.  They look at the possible reaction to the president's move to legalize the illegals.  Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, donates ten turkeys and challenges several groups to step up.