Kevin Miller is joined by Robbie Cupps, parent and career counselor at Capital High, and Jon Ruzicka, principal and parent at Capital High.  They discuss the balance between work and family at school and home.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. Larry Neznanski, chairman of the board of Cap Ed and Todd Erikson President and CEO of Cap Ed.  They discuss teacher grants, funding education, and other educational issues.  Kevin asks their we love our teachers program.  The differences between a bank and a credit union.  Cap Ed's high school student video program.


Kevin Miller is joined by Capital High School students Jake Mitchell and Hannah Knowles.  They talk about their time at Capital and their plans for the future.  Kevin Miller discusses the latest proposal to release Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin Miller is joined by Capital High School Basketball Coach Paul Rush.  They talk about winning the state championship this year.  Mr. Rush describes his day teaching and what it was like for him as a student at Capital.


Kevin Miller continues to talk about local issues and the governor's race.  Senator Fulcher has accused Governor Otter of ducking him in debates.  Kevin Miller reviews yesterday's interview with the governor and Naghmeh Abedini.  Principal Ruzicka gives advice to parents of kids getting ready for high school.


Kevin Miller is joined by Capital High School Principal Jon Ruzicka.  They take a look at education issues, local influence, academics, and athletics. Kevin and Principal Ruzika discuss back word planning for future student employment opportunities.


Kevin Miller is joined by Sweet Willard and Dave live from Capital High School.  They discuss the latest Netflix, the latest Taliban News, and other local news.  Kevin Miller discusses his interview with Governor Otter.