Kevin Miller speaks with Copper Webb a home school graduate and teacher who writes for the home school magazine.

Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the airline crash and Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin Miller interviews Linda Patchin, a retired home school teacher with four graduates.  She is the director of the Christian Home Schoolers of Idaho State.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the Bowe Bergdahl story.


Kevin Miller speaks with home school student Anthony Ghiorso.  He talks about his school day and what he does when not in the classroom.


Kevin Miller speaks with Micheline Ghiorso, a home school teacher and mother.  She shares her challenges and success of home schooling her four children.


Kevin Miller interviews Amy Duenas, a home school mother and her daughter Allison about home schooling in Idaho.  They share their experiences with Kevin.

Kevin Miller interviews Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio about the FBI's 9-11 report.


Kevin Miller covers the latest concerning the crash of the Airbus in France.  He shares that the crash was deliberate and takes calls on the issue.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the latest involving Bowe Bergdahl.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Army charging Bowe Bergdahl with dissertion and misbehaving with the enemy.  Kevin Miller shares his story about his walk to raise awareness for Sgt. Bergdahl.  If you would like to see it, click here.