Kevin Miller asks Congressman Labrador to back GOP Chairman Barry Peterson.  Read the Dan Popkey article from the Statesman here.


Kevin Miller looks at the IRS hearings in Congress.  He takes calls on the issue and explores the future of Common Core in Idaho.  Kevin Miller looks at whether or not Idahoans have a right to smoke or eat foods that are not healthy.


Kevin Miller exclusively speaks with Ed Klein best selling author of the book, Blood Feud the Clintons verses the Obamas.  He details what Bill Clinton thinks of President Obama, what happened the night of Benghazi, why NBC is in love with the Obamas, and what both families will do after the 2016 election.


Kevin Miller interviews Big Ed Beckley.  Big Ed previews his upcoming attempt to jump the Snake River Canyon.  Big Ed gives Kevin fitness tips.  He discloses he's moving his jump to the end of September or early October.  Oh from Eagle calls in to suggest Big Ed use a catapult to get over the canyon.


Kevin Miller airs part 2 of his interview with Barry Peterson concerning his chairmanship of the state GOP.  He then shares the audio of the IRS hearings yesterday in congress.  Kevin then takes calls on both topics.


Kevin Miller previews the rest of the show and reminds the audience that Ed Klein and Big Ed Beckley will be joining the program.  Kevin Miller speaks to the importance of growing the audience and his willingness to take on the establishment.  He reminds everyone that 25 years ago the movie Batman premiered.


Kevin Miller speaks with Naghmeh Abedeni updating everyone on her husband Pastor Saeed who has been held against his will in Iran for over two years.  Naghmeh details the persecution of Christians in the region.  She asks once again that her husband be released.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the town hall meeting in Eagle last night concerning building a roundabout on old State Street and Eagle Road.  Kevin and Dave discuss the proposed smoking ban in Garden City.  They preview the World Cup match between Team USA and Team Germany.