Kevin Miller


Kevin Miller interviews Steve Taylor of Fox News Radio live from Washington DC.  Mr. Taylor explains the president issues more executive orders.  Kevin Miller looks at the congressional reaction to the president's moves.

Kevin Miller takes calls on the border issue and Governor Perry sending the Texas National Guard to stop the invasion.


Kevin Miller looks at the sentencing of the 'Add the Words' protesters.  He shares Rick Perry's statement concerning sending troops to the border.  Kevin Miller takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller is joined by Dr. James Stewart from Saint Alphonsus Cancer Center.  Kevin Miller and Dr. Stewart discuss skin cancer prevention techniques.  Dr. Stewart discusses the dangers of sunburn and melanoma.


Kevin Miller gets a border update from Bob Dane of FAIR.  Bob offers real solutions to the border crisis.  Kevin Miller and Bob go over the history of border issues in America.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the upcoming Big and Rich Show in September.  Kevin brings up the topic of Tony Dungy  commenting on Michael Sam.  Kevin Miller and Dave continue to discuss what is and isn't acceptable to talk about as a public official.