Kevin Miller looks at a new report that Idaho has the rudest drivers in the country.  He takes calls on that issue and the school lunch program.


Kevin Miller looks at the ISIS/ISIL threat in the Middle East.  He takes calls on the issue and hears from several individuals.  Kevin Miller reminds everyone that he will be at East Junior High School tomorrow.


Kevin Miller and Alan L. Morton, attorney at law, look at Idaho Child Abuse Laws.  The conversation evolves into covering the Adrian Peterson / Ray Rice cases.  Alan shares two #s to report child abuse (211 cell and 334-kids).


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Reporter Emily Wither from Israel.  She reports on the decision to arm some of the Syrian Rebels.  Emily looks at what would happen if the Syrian government is overthrown.


Kevin Miller goes over the latest concerning ISIS/ISIL.  He takes calls from many folks who do not want the troops returning to the Middle East.  He shares the comments of Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity on the subject.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the latest involving Adrian Peterson playing professional football this Sunday.  Kevin asks the question, 'when is it discipline and when is it abuse?'


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the ISIS/ISIL threat throughout the world.  They look at the possibility of American Boots on the ground.  Kevin reports on ISIS/ISIL threat at the border.  Kevin Miller and Dave look at the latest controversy involving the NFL, Ray Rice, and Adrian Peterson.