Kevin Miller speaks with Eben Brown from Fox News Radio looking at the Ebola Coverage.  Eben reports on what the government is doing to stop the deadly virus. Kevin Miller takes calls on whether or not a local group should raffle a rifle.


Kevin Miller speaks with Josh Withrow from Freedom Works discussing the economy and the health exchange.  Kevin Miller begins to take calls on the local woman who is mad at the West Ada District for giving her kid a flu shot.



Kevin Miller interviews Dr. Bill Smith from the University of Idaho.  Dr. Smith details the national and international response to Ebola.  Kevin Miller takes calls on whether or not you should get a flu shot.  He reports on a local mother who's kid got a flu shot at school, although the mother was against it.


Kevin Miller interviews Liz Peek of Foxnews.com and the Fiscal Times.  She looks at the nation's response to Ebola.  Kevin Miller asks Liz about the impact of Obama Care next year.  Several folks call in to voice their opinions.


Kevin Miller speaks with Simon Owen of Fox News Radio live from London.  Simon reports on a missing sub that may belong to Russia.  He details what the winter will be like for Europe and how Russia will influence fuel prices worldwide.

Kevin Miller looks at Marijuana laws and compares them to gay marriage laws.  He takes calls on both issues.


Kevin Miller interviews best selling author Daniel Halper, of the Weekly Standard, about his new book Clinton Inc.  Mr. Halper details the rebuilding of the Clinton's political machine.  He reports on how the Clintons view life, survive their scandals, and make a lot of money.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the state's response to Ebola.  They go over the latest national news about Ebola.  Kevin Miller looks at the governor's race.  He promotes the 6AM appearance of best selling author Daniel Halper.