Kevin Miller salutes the veterans by sharing the Big and Rich song 'Eighth of November.'  He speaks with several veterans and callers who support the military.


Kevin Miller shares the song 'Goodnight Saigon' by Billy Joel.  He takes calls from veterans and people calling in about the vandalism in Star.  Eddie shares his experience at the Kuna High School tribute to the veterans.


Kevin Miller interviews Ralph Kramer, the director of the Boise Valley POW/MIA Association, discussing never leaving comrades behind.  They expand on whether or not the Vietnamese Government is cooperating with our government on bringing them home.


Kevin Miller continues his broadcast from the Idaho State Veterans Home.  He speaks with Army Veteran Cable Amsden, who is studying to become a hospital administrator.  Kevin Miller speaks with Tea Party Bob who shows up after baking over 500 cookies for the veterans.


Kevin Miller speaks with Veteran Marine George Barrett about his service.  He tells Kevin how much he still works hard helping others at the age of seventy six.  Barrett describes life as a Vietnam Veteran.

Kevin Miller reports on a story involving thirteen year old boys from Star who've trashed a house.  Kevin asks the listeners how should these kids be punished?


Kevin Miller is joined by veteran Phil Hawkins from the Idaho State Veterans Home.  They discuss today's ceremony at the home.  Phil goes over several volunteer programs that need area volunteers to help Idaho Veterans.


Kevin Miller, Dave, and Hotel Ryan discuss Veterans Day from the Idaho State Veterans Home.  They discuss the meaning of Veterans Day.  Hotel Ryan reports on why he's joining the US Air Force.