Kevin Miller interviews Jess from the American Red Cross who says we need to give more blood.  She urges all listeners to give blood and make a difference!

Kevin Miller takes calls on the comments of Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.  Judge Moore disagrees with the president's assessment of a federal judge's ruling on gay marriage.


Kevin Miller and Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio look at a new study that says teenagers are not getting enough sleep.

Kevin Miller looks at a proposal in the Idaho Legislature to raise the state's sales tax from six percent to seven percent.


Kevin Miller takes calls on whether Idaho should raise the tax per gallon on gasoline and diesel fuel.  Several folks call in to say they object to any hike in gas prices.


Kevin Miller looks at two stories involving American/Islamic Relations.  He shares the audio of the sister of one of the Chapel Hill Shooting victims who says there is a war on Muslims.

Kevin Miller takes calls on why the Obama Administration did not condemn the killing of the Egyptian Christians.


Kevin Miller gets an update from Washington from Rachel Sutherland of Fox News Radio.  She tells Kevin Miller what Congress will do this week once they return to Washington DC.


Kevin Miller interviews author Robert Vera about his new book The Warrior Spirit.  Mr. Verra describes the life of Navy Seal Ryan Job who lost his sight in Iraq.  Mr. Vera reports on the relationship between Ryan and Chris Kyle.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the proposed increase in the state's gas tax.  Kevin Miller examines the death of Egyptian Christians by ISIS Terrorist over the weekend.