Kevin Miller speaks with Congressman Mike Simpson in studio about the debt, jobs, the economy, and the latest from Washington DC.


Kevin Miller is joined by Eagle Attorney Chris Troupis who is running for Idaho Attorney General.  They discuss the land issue, abortion, and the health exchange debate.


Kevin Miller speaks with Representative Matt Erpelding about the end of the legislative session.  They spar on what was presented and what was passed on during the session.


Kevin Miller goes live to Jerusalem to Fox News Reporter Emily Wither.  She updates Kevin on the growing tension between Israel and Iran.  Emily then gives the Israeli  perspective concerning Russia and the United States.

Kevin Miller then brings up the story about a North Carolina kid bullied for carrying a 'my little pony lunchbox.'


Kevin Miller continues to yap about the AG Gag Bill and then holds a contest for George Norry tickets.  Paul beats Brad 3-1 and goes to the Egyptian Theater Saturday Night.  Kevin then shares a clip of Boise resident Mike Baker speaking to Sean Hannity last night on the Fox News Channel.


Kevin Miller takes a look at a local woman forced to pay the IRS 150,000 in taxes.  He then relates the lawsuit announced yesterday against the state of Idaho challenging the AG Gag Bill.


Kevin Miller and Dave take look at the comments by one of the stars of the CBS TV Show 'Two and a Half Men.'  The childhood star calls himself a paid hypocrite.  Kevin Miller and Dave then discuss Obama verses Putin and Savannah Guthrie's wedding.