Kevin Miller looks at the local impact of Obama Care.  He revisits the allegations of a man who says police profiled him because he's from a pro pot state.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners voicing their opinions on both issues.  Phil Hardy drops in to give his take on local issues.


Kevin Miller is joined by Emily Wither from Fox News Radio discussing Saudi Arabia's policy concerning woman drivers.  Kevin Miller takes a look at Obama Care and what happens to people who have not signed up for it yet.


Kevin Miller speaks with Alistair Wanklyn from Fox News Radio concerning Flight 370.  Kevin Miller then takes a look at the folks dealing with the Washington Mudslide.  Kevin Miller details the Hero 2 Hired event today at the Riverside Hotel.  The annual event is designed to help veterans get jobs.


Kevin Miller is joined by Mark Krikorian from the Center for Immigration Studies.  CIS says the government has abused its discretionary powers by not deporting illegal aliens involved in criminal activities.  The government says the CIS report is flawed and disputes the results.


Kevin Miller looks at the allegations that local police are profiling people from pro pot states.  He takes calls on the issue and looks at the Korean Situation.  Kevin Miller looks at the cost of Obama Care and takes calls.


Kevin Miller interviews Idaho Steve Ackerman from the Gem State Patriot.  Steve details the latest on the Kuna school levy and the deadline to sign up for Obama Care.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the finale of 'How I met your Mother.'  Kevin Miller reveals he didn't watch the show because of its message.  Dave cannot believe it and gives Kevin a hard time.  Dave talks about the plane and asks Kevin Miller about the health exchange.