Kevin Miller interviews Scott Spencer from the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic.  Kevin and Scott go over what people can expect next month.  They discuss the history of balloons in Boise.


Kevin Miller interviews Meridian Mayor Tammy de Weerd discussing the economic growth in the Treasure Valley.  Kevin Miller then takes phone calls on the impeachment battle in Washington DC.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by former republican gubernatorial candidate Harley Brown.  Harley goes over his plans for a reality show and a presidential campaign.  Several people call in and Kevin has to use the phone delay several times.


Kevin Miller speaks with Fox News Radio's Kimberly Adams live from Cairo, Egypt.  She gives her firsthand account of the violence in Gaza.  Kimberly details to Kevin what life is like on the ground in Egypt.


Kevin Miller is joined by attorney Chris Troupis.  He goes over yesterday's court ruling in Twin Falls.  Mr. Troupis breaks down why the judge ruled against Barry Peterson and previewed the August 2nd GOP meeting.


Kevin Miller and Robin look at a few funny issues of the day.  Kevin talks about possibly being the next international spokesman for suspender wearing men.  Kevin Miller and Robin look at the remarks of Stephen A. Smith and Geraldo Rivera.