Kevin Miller interview Senator Jim Risch from Washington DC.  Senator Risch gives his thoughts on the split in the state GOP.  He covers the border crisis from his perspective and his views on the latest in the Middle East.  The senator urges the administration to support our allies the Jordanians and the Israelis.


Kevin Miller is joined by Bob Dane of FAIR concerning the border crisis.  Bob gives a history of our broken immigration system and suggests a solution that the president should follow.  He says the crisis was unnecessary, but now is too costly to continue.


Kevin Miller looks at the disturbing video of a California Highway Patrol Officer beating a woman on the ground.  He takes calls on the issue of whether the officer went too far.


Kevin Miller interviews Janalee Tobias from Women Against Gun Control.  They look at national and regional gun issues.  Janalee explains why it's important to stand for principle.  She encourages everyone to fight for their second amendment rights.


Kevin Miller looks at the crisis on the border and takes calls.  He then talks about the rising price of gasoline.  Kevin points out that the this country is the world's largest producer of oil.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with Chris Farrell from Judicial Watch.  Mr. Farrell breaks down the IRS Scandal, the border crisis, and faith in government.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the life of Former Governor John Evans who died yesterday.  Dave remembers when Idaho was not dominated by one political party.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Josh Gordon story and debate what type of treatment Gordon should receive.