The conversation gets heated as several folks from both sides of the isle call in to voice their opinions on gay marriage.  Kevin Miller thanks Justice Kennedy for ordering a stay.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the issue of gay marriage.  Several folks call in to urge the governor to take the case to the Supreme Court.


Kevin Miller interviews Stephen Yates, the chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, discussing the November elections.  Kevin Miller and Stephen Yates look at ISIS, ISIL, and other national security issues.


Kevin Miller reports on the local reaction to the Ninth Circuit's ruling.  He once again urges Governor Otter to appeal the decision.  Kevin Miller takes calls from concerned listeners.


Kevin Miller interviews Tim Graham from the Media Research Center.  Tim reports on how the electorate is influenced by media bias.  Kevin and Tim discuss the midterm elections and how it will be covered.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the Ninth Circuit's decision on marriage.  They both share their experiences off the air with people who believe in gay marriage.  Kevin Miller urges Governor Otter to appeal the decision.