Kevin Miller takes calls on the a few issues.   Folks in the Treasure Valley sound off on toy guns, Ferguson, and the teacher.


Kevin Miller hears from representatives from the Middleton School District on the toy gun issue.  Kevin Miller looks at the a story involving a teacher possibly being fired for her night club routine.


Kevin Miller interviews Eben Brown of Fox News Radio about the launch of the Orion Project.  This is the first step in the program that will send a manned flight to Mars.


Kevin Miller continues to take calls on the Middleton Toy Gun Story.  Several folks continue to voice their thoughts on whether toy guns should be allowed in schools.


Kevin Miller interviews Simon Owen from Fox News Radio about the latest news in the Middle East.  Kevin Miller looks at income equality in this country and abroad.  He shares a clip of Russell Brand being questioned about the cost of his rent.


Kevin Miller looks at the issue of trust in local police departments in Idaho verses the rest of the country.  He compares life and crime in other states to life in the Gem State.  Several folks call in to voice their concerns about the police.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at the suspending of a Middleton Student who brought a gun to school.  They looked the pros and cons of gun ownership.  Kevin Miller and Dave discussed the latest in college football news.