Kevin Miller speaks with Marie Martin about the upcoming Rachel's Challenge event.  They discuss how to prevent school violence and teach the value of life to young people.


Kevin Miller is joined in studio by State Senator Steven Thayn and Doctor Samir Kumar discussing affordable healthcare.  They take calls from concerned listeners on the topic.


Kevin Miller reports on the Uber controversy in Boise.  Taxi drivers want the service banned and city officials are going undercover to issue citations to Uber Drivers.

Kevin Miller interviews Eben Brown of Fox News Radio about the Uber fight across the country and in Florida.


Kevin Miller speaks with Andrew R. Campanella, President National School Choice Week.  They discuss Idaho's rank when it comes to school choice.

Kevin Miller shares the story of Bradley Cooper previewing American Sniper to veterans.


Kevin Miller get's the latest on new trucks and cars from Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff is live at the North American Car Show in Detroit.  He previews the latest in self driving cars and Honda's soon to be released electric car.

Kevin Miller shares the story of the Post Falls Nine Year Old arrested for stealing a pack of gum.


Kevin Miller shares his interview with economist Bill Glynn.  They take calls from listeners about where to invest their 401Ks.

Kevin Miller looks at the costs of teacher raises verses buying new textbooks for students.



Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the final college football poll.  They joke about Boise State Basketball.  Kevin Miller and Dave discuss job loyalty verses job security in today's economy.