Kevin Miller covers the issue of rising gas prices.  He opines about the lack of a good reason to raise taxes.  He takes calls from listeners voicing their reaction.


Kevin Miller interviews Cheese Chisholm from the Harlem Globetrotters.  They discuss the importance of role models, exercise, and playing sports in today's electronic world.


Kevin Miller revisits the issue of campus carry on Idaho College Campuses.  He also shares a video from Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.  He takes calls from listeners reacting to both stories.


Kevin Miller looks at the ISIS Threat in the Middle East.  He reports on the Jordanian Pilot's death and the execution of ISIS Prisoners by the Jordanian Government.  He takes calls on the issue.


Kevin Miller and Mike Baker discuss a variety of topics.  Mr. Baker who worked for the Agency examines what it takes to protect the president from domestic terror threats.  He is now a private intelligence/security analyst.  He also is the host of two tv shows on cable television.

Kevin Miller and Mike Baker discuss the ISIS threat and Mr. Baker's upcoming tv series on the Travel Channel.


Kevin Miller and Dave look at two big issues.  The first is the death of the Jordanian pilot at the hands of ISIS.  The second is today is national signing day for high school athletes who are going to play college sports.