Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media


Kevin Miller gets the latest on Southwest Airlines from Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio.  She goes over the latest details on the FAA Announcement.   Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners.


Kevin Miller has a conversation with Dale Morehouse and Colin Hickman from the Rocky Mountain Foundation.  They tell Kevin Miller about their banquet and invite the public to call 384-9742 for tickets.


Kevin Miller takes calls on the issue of Net Neutrality as several folks calls in to voice their opinion.  Kevin Miller goes over every aspect of the proposed FCC Legislation.


Kevin Miller examines the administration's move to control the internet through their net neutrality scheme.  He interviews international business expert Dr. Gerald Lameiro on the topic.


Kevin Miller speaks with Jeff Monosso of Fox News Radio.  Jeff reports on the verdict from the American Sniper Murder Trial in Texas.

Kevin Miller takes calls on how to save Gowen Field.


Kevin Miller interviews Governor Butch Otter on two crucial state issues.  Kevin and the governor detail the state's plan to save Gowen Field.  They switch to the controversial issue of education funding in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave review the verdict in the American Sniper Murder Trial.  Kevin Miller explains the president's decision to veto the Keystone Pipeline.  This leads to a discussion on the cost of fuel in America.