Kevin Miller speaks with Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio.  She reviews the reaction from the White House and Congress on Netanyahu's speech.  Kevin Miller takes calls on who is more trustworthy?  Bibi or Barrack?


Kevin Miller interviews Steve Forbes.  Mr. Forbes has launched Americans for Hope, Growth, and Opportunity.  He advocates to Kevin Miller the need for a Flat Tax, jobs, and a sound economy.


Kevin Miller discusses two stories dealing with faith in Idaho.  One involving a Hindu Prayer at the state capitol.  The other involving prayer during ACHD Meetings.  he takes calls from listeners on both issues.


Kevin Miller interviews Idaho State GOP Chairman and Intelligence Expert Stephen Yates.  Chairman Yates reviews the latest movements in the Middle East, the Netanyahu Speech, and the latest in state/national politics.


Kevin Miller gets the Israeli perspective of the Netanyahu Speech from Fox News Radio's Jessica Gohler live from Jerusalem.  She details how the Jewish people view the topics covered in Netanyahu's speech.


Kevin Miller speaks with David Ripley from Idaho Chooses Life.  They review the latest news from the Idaho Legislature.  Mr. Ripley reports on the pro life movement in Idaho.


Kevin Miller and Dave discuss the fallout of the Benjamin Netanyahu Speech on Capitol Hill yesterday.  They comment on the reaction from both political parties.

Kevin Miller reviews the Hillary Clinton email story.