Kevin Miller is joined by Kent Corbett of Corbett Auctions.  They discuss the online and in person auction of the Velma Morrison Estate.  Kent gives Kevin tips on auctions and how to properly appraise items for bids.


Kevin Miller speaks with political analyst Mike Tracy.  Mike examines the state primary races coming up later this month.  Mike details the successful fundraiser for the Ada County Boys and Girls Club.


Kevin Miller looks at the proposed consumption fuel tax in California.  The then looks at the cost of gas in Idaho.  Kevin Miller looks at the national efforts to save the A10.


Kevin Miller is joined by Fox News Radio's Jennifer Keiper who reports on a story of the arrest of a 90 year old drug mule.  Kevin Miller looks at the proposed bike lanes in Boise.


Kevin Miller interviews Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch on the Benghazi emails.  Chris answers questions from callers.


Kevin Miller and Dave talk about the new Fox show 'Outnumbered'.  They discuss the latest news on the NFL Draft, the white house correspondents dinner, and the return of Monica Lewinski.