Happy Mother's Day weekend from the Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Coming up we take a look at the Pope wants wealth redistribution, the militia are leaving the Bundy Ranch, and the usual eclectic stories that are trending worldwide.  Let's get started.

The Pope wants your money.  No really, he's advocating a massive redistribution of wealth.  Was he misquoted again?  The statement and the details provided by the Associated Press.

What happens if the NFL's first openly gay player is not good enough to be drafted?  That possibility could become a reality for Michael Sam writes CBSSTLOUIS.

Senator Rand Paul is coming to Idaho.  Could the outsider now be the insider's choice for the GOP nomination in 2016?  His potential road to the White House is examined by Politco Magazine.

Dr. Dre has mentored Snoop Dawg and Eminem.  He has made a lot of money spinning the hits.  He's now hip hop's first billionaire declares CNN Money.

The militia are moving from the Bundy Ranch to Utah?  Why Utah?  The movement is explained by Las Vegas Sun.

Speaking of the Bundy Ranch, first it was the BLM, now it's the FBI that enters the scene according to News8.

The early skinny out of Hollywood is that the new move Neighborhoods could be this week's box office king.  A preview and plot are looked at by Fox News.

Governor Otter's campaign is run by lobbyist.  Is this news?  Senator Fulcher thinks so and explains why to the IdahoStatesman.

Here's the latest on that double homicide last night from the IdahoStatesman.

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