Forget Russian MIGs or the latest threat from Al quaeda, the biggest challenge to the Air Force appears to be breastfeeding mothers.  Recently the command at Mountain Home Air Force Base issued a memo to military and civilian breast feeding mothers.  The memo instructed the moms to breastfeed their kids in a less public space.

The mothers were to be offered a private room or were told to use a 'nursing cover'.   This did not go over well for the breast feeding moms of Mountain Home.  The letter was respectful and urged others to respect the rights of the general public.   In other words, breastfeeding should be a private matter, not a public matter.

Oh Boy, did the command make a wrong move!  Who would've thought the mere mention of asking a woman to leave, cover herself, or go to a private room would ignite an outrage.  The reaction was so big that the base commander issued the breastfeeding backpedal this afternoon.

"I better understand the concerns regarding breastfeeding in public and am sorry individuals were offended.  The policy was not intended to ostracize anyone and I regret it had that effect.  I will revoke this policy while we look for a better way to accommodate and be respectful of all individuals in our community, " said 366th Fighter Wing Commander David Iverson.

Hmmm, so the base commander says that folks should breastfeed in private or cover up and there's so much outrage he rescinds the policy?  Perhaps the command and the folks involved should get a refresher on being in the military.  You give orders and you take orders. You don't change orders because someone gets upset.

I hope Mountain Home AFB's Command takes the MIGS more seriously than flip flopping on breastfeeding policies.