Shocking, that's the best description of today's Kevin Miller Hotlist.  Popkey bolts to Labrador, Barry gets the boot and no impeachment for Obama.  Those stories and more start now.

John Boehner is suing the president instead of seeking to impeach him.  This just in, impeachment is officially off the table according to the Washington Times.

Shocker Barry Peterson is out at state GOP Chairman says the Idaho Statesman.

Shocker number two, after thirty years at the Statesman, political reporter Dan Popkey leaves to work for Raul Labrador from the Idaho Statesman.

Glenn Beck believes the president wants to be impeached for political purposes says Politico.

A lot of illegal aliens are protesting outside the White House?  Aren't they breaking the law if they're here illegally?  If so, wouldn't they be deported?  Not so, says the Washington Times.

US Senator Jeff Sessions from Alabama urges Americans to save their country from Breitbart.

CBS News and The New York Times have released their latest poll and it doesn't look good for the democrats says Red State.

Geraldo Rivera tells the world that men are the breadwinners and women offer youth and looks to a marriage from Yahoo.

Another victory for the wolves in Idaho from Yahoo News.

Forget the founding fathers, the pilgrims, and the cowboys, it's the Muslims who built America from Breitbart.