How do you top one of the great games in NFL history?  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  Only the comments of Richard Sherman with Erin Andrews could push Barack Obama's comparing pot to alcohol to second string status.  Is Richard Sherman a punk?  Sherman is talented, outspoken and on his way to the Super Bowl.    He's also a Standford Graduate who made his way out of the mean streets of Compton California.  ESPN's Skip Bayliss found out the hard way how serious and well spoken Sherman can be when he disagrees with you.  Sherman tried to get ahead of the story by taking over Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback Column this morning.

Sherman explained among other items in the article that he was 'caught in the moment.'  That Forty Niners Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree disrespected him by not shaking his hand after the big play.  He also justified making the choking sign at quarterback Colin Kaepernick for daring to challenge him during the game.  I'm sorry, isn't that his job?  Throwing passes to his receivers?  Doesn't Mr. Sherman make his huge salary by competing against the offense?

Sherman's unfortunate attics has caught the attention of perennial  all pro Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.  Brady told WEEI Radio that 'he respects his opponents and the Patriots win with graciousness'.   You never have to worry about Brady disrespecting his team or the game.

Brady is a great example for Sherman.  When you're the best in the game, you let you're playing speak for itself on the field.  Athletes are incredibly blessed to compete at the highest levels and despite what Charles Barkley says, they are role models.  Sherman has earned the titled of the NFL's best corner back.  If he cannot control his passion then he should let his actions speak louder than his words.