Should Obama's Department of Justice indict the former First Lady?  Vote Now!  It has not been a good week for Hillary Clinton and it's only Wednesday.  She is losing to the aged Socialist Bernie Sanders in the latest New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Primary Poll 44%-37%.  New Hampshire should be a slam dunk for Clinton considering her close relationship with NH Senator Jean Shahenn and her husband's political history in the Granite State.

However, they're two more bigger issues that could derail Madam Clinton from succeeding President Obama.  Calls across the country continue to intensify for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the Presidential Race.  Biden and John Kerry are now considered real possibilities to enter the field because of Clinton's stumbles and the latest bombshell concerning her email server.

The former Secretary of State has now been forced by the FBI to hand over her email server reports the word wide press and the BBC.  This is seen as a complete surrender by the Clinton Campaign that had previously refused to turn over the server.

According to the BBC, 'Critics say that her set-up was unsecure, contrary to government policy and designed to shield her communications from oversight.  The FBI is investigating whether classified information was improperly sent via the server and stored there.'

So will the week end in an indictment of Clinton?  Should it?  Vote Now!