Glenn Beck

Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dave Ramsey, and Kevin Miller will now be heard on 107.5 FM and 580 AM.  KIDO Talk Radio is honored to have three platforms for the Treasure Valley to hear your message.
Watch Alex Jones Attack Glen Beck
It's a battle of two of the most popular talk show hosts in America.  Glenn Beck's Show airs weekdays 9am-12pm and Alex Jones is heard weeknights 7pm-10pm on 580 KIDO.  Recently Jones called Beck out for being a phony and says in the video above that he wants to be away from Beck…
Glenn Beck Attacks Palin, Trump
An angry Glenn Beck took to the airwaves today calling Sarah Palin a clown and saying he's had it with Donald Trump.  Watch the clip above to hear for yourself!
Kevin Miller Tuesday Morning
Kevin Miller interviews education advocate Don Nielson.  They look at how to reform education.  Kevin Miller takes calls on whether or not Ebola patients should be quarantined in Idaho.  Kevin Miller interviews Anne Little Roberts about the Young Entrepreneurial Program...
Kevin Miller Friday Morning
Kevin Miller takes calls on the border issue.  Listeners respond to his Facebook question asking 'are you with Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck when it comes to the border?
Kevin Miller interviews current New York Times #1 Best Selling Author Ed Klein about his book Blood Feud..…

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