Happy Belated Birthday to our friend Glenn Beck... Here's what's happening now...

830AM-9AM Kevin takes a look at police shooting a dog Filer.  He takes calls and introduces a story about minor league baseball players suing MLB over salaries.

8AM-830AM State Senator Russ Fulcher joins Kevin discussing his efforts to end the grocery tax in Idaho.  The senator shares his views on the other issues in the legislature.

730AM-8AM State Representative Matt  Erpelding discusses online voting and the latest concerning the budget, education, and the funding.  He expresses to Kevin that Idaho needs to raise the minimum wage.  Several callers respond.

7AM-730AM State School Superintendent Tom Luna stops in to talk education issues with Kevin.  He expands on his decision not to seek re-election and what's next for him.

630AM-7AM  Kevin discusses the decision by the Idaho Supreme Court allowing same sex couples to adopt children in Idaho.  He hears from Jim, Tom Munds, and Tea Party Bob.  Kevin details the president's plan to delay Obama Care for another year for businesses.

6AM-630AM Kevin takes a look at the legislature debating whether or not to raise the state's gas tax from 25 cents per gallon to 32 cents per gallon.  He also talks about the proposed gun bill that would protect Idaho citizens from federal gun confiscation.

530AM-6AM Kevin and Dave take a look the Boise State Basketball program.  They cover the death of Shirley Temple.  They discuss the new hotlist on the web site and expand on the president saying he can do whatever he wants.