Check out the video above as Haney County Sheriff David Ward asks Ammon Bundy to leave Oregon.    The nation has been glued to reports from social and mainstream media on the Oregon standoff.  The video provides an uncensored look at both parties points of view.  I like the idea that Sheriff Ward and Mr. Bundy can have a rational conversation.  Props to both of them for keeping their cool in a situation that could've turned volatile.  The issue remains whether or not Mr. Bundy and his folks will leave Oregon or be forced out by the government.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Sheriff Ward has stated publicly that the Malheur Folks will be prosecuted by the Feds.  If that's the case, there appears to be no motivation for Mr. Bundy's Crew to leave the refuge without a resolution to their liking.  For the sake of all the families involved in this case, let's pray for a peaceful resolution.