He's one of the most famous and richest men in the world.  Is he serious about being the president?  Just ask him or watch the video above to find out why Donald Trump wants to be the leader of the free world.   How many times have we complained about politicians who are too politically correct?  They don't say what they feel, and they don't speak our language!  Have no fear as the Donald simply spells out what he'll do if elected.  Here are a few highlights from the video above:

Christopher Gregory / Getty Images

"Mexico is not sending us their very best.  They're sending us their people with problems.  I'll build a wall on the border and have them pay for it."

"I will be the greatest President that God created."

" I like China; I just sold an apartment for fifteen million dollars to someone from China."

His rhetoric may be unorthodox, however, with his money and name recognition, Trump is a very serious contender and could be the GOP's 2016 nominee.