Watch the governor and the first lady back Idaho Core Standards in the video above.  

The debate over the Common Core in Idaho continues as the school season comes to a close.  Several activists and parents have banded together to get Common Core out of Idaho Classrooms.  So far, they haven't been successful in their attempts to get legislatures to give them a hearing.  The challenge is that the Feds will only give additional dollars to the Gem State if we drink the Common Core Kool-Aid.

Scott Olson, Getty Images

The Idaho Core standards continue to divide the state and the Republican Party.  On one side, you have the business, education, and elected officials backing the Core Standards.  On the other side, you've got a group of parents and activists wanting Idaho to get rid of Common Core.  Several town hall meetings last year resulted in screaming matches instead of discussions on the issue.

The last time the officials ignored the people on an education issue, we had the reversals of Props 1, 2, and 3.  If the will of the people is ignored, Common Core will go the way of those failed proposals.  That wouldn't be such a bad thing now would it?