Who doesn't love In-N-Out Burgers?  Will they ever come to Idaho?  Find out what makes them so special.  CBS News profiled the California Burger chain recently during their morning show.  We learned that In-N-Out is a family owned chain that is now worth over one billion dollars.  Unlike other chains, the family will not take the company public.  They want to ensure the values of the founders are never changed.  Store Managers can make up to six figures if they surpass certain goals.

Kevin Miller, Townsquare Media

Will the chain move to Idaho?  Most Gem State residents would love to consume a double double.  The challenge of expansion is that the chain requires every store to be within six hundred miles of their meat distribution centers.  Their food is fresh and never frozen so that explains the great taste.  Let's hope that somehow, someway, In-N-Out opens in Idaho.  Otherwise it's a really long road trip to the nearest drive thru.