Coach Pete believed in Joe Southwick.  Was he wrong?   Southwick reminds me of the energizer bunny.  He just keeps going and going and... you know the rest.  Except it looks like the energizer has had his batteries taken away from him for good.    Most Bronco Fans were stunned at the news that Southwick had been dismissed from the team and sent home.  What an unfortunate way to end a never say die college football career.  Southwick had overcome replacing BSU legend Kellen Moore as the quarterback for the Broncos.  The team seemed to respond to his grit and leadership during his two years as the starter.  A season ending ankle injury could not derail Southwick from vowing to comeback. He made that statement a reality by returning for his last game and then driving the team down the field for a touchdown.

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If Joe doesn't make his case to Channel 7, then it's a huge mystery as to why he was shown the door.  He deserves credit for standing up for himself and changing the dynamic of the story.  Channel 7 gets credit for running with the story instead of ignoring it in hopes of keeping in good graces with the BSU Administration.

Let's be straight.  Playing college football is a privilege and the students not only represent BSU, but the entire state of Idaho.  Bad behavior should not and will not be tolerated.  However, was there a rush to judgement?  Southwick says three other players said he did the deed and that was all the evidence the administration needed.  Will Joe name names to clear himself?  It was a sad reality that he reached out to the administration and, according to him, no one responded.  I hope that's not the case.

Considering all the time, effort, and sacrifice that Joe Southwick has given to the Bronco program he deserves a fair and proper hearing.  Too many times student athletes give everything to schools and are used up once their eligibility is up.

Boise State has stated publicly they're not live other programs.  Now is the time for them to prove it and give Joe a fighting chance.  How many of us are already wondering what Coach Pete would do?