Indiana is under siege for doing what Idaho refused to do last year.  Confused, stay tuned or ask Representative Lynn Luker.  Last session,  Luker introduced the religious freedom bill designed to protect the first amendment rights of Idaho's businesses.  He was vilified by the media and the left.  Luker withdrew the bill.  So much for 'reddest of the red states.'

Indiana's Governor Mike Pence has now signed their version of the Religious Freedom Law.  Essentially the same law that Luker proposed last year.  Unlike in Idaho, Pence supported and signed the bill.  He and his state are now being called every name imaginable.

"We're not going to change this law.  It has been tested in courts for over two decades on the federal level and some thirty states, it represents a foundational protection for individuals.  There's a lot of people in this country concerned about government overreach into their religious liberty,' Pence said on ABC's This Week.

Pence made the point that those folks that defend religion are usually targets of those that preach tolerance.  It's too bad that Idaho's version could not get a fair hearing and was vilified for mirroring a bill that Bill Clinton signed into law in 1993.

Could we see another attempt at protecting religious liberty in Idaho?  Perhaps Indiana's courage under fire will ignite similar actions in Idaho.  Stay tuned true believer!