Eagle High School

Thursday 12/10/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Kevin wraps up his fall "Promote Our Schools - Secure Our Future" campaign at Eagle High School.  Kevin was able showcase 10 schools since September to highlight the people who educate our children in the Treasure Valley. Interviews with staff and students...
Kevin Miller @ Eagle High School
Thank you to everyone who joined us this Thursday Morning at Eagle High School.  A special thanks to the choir who shopped up at 531AM (can you believe it?) to perform our bumper music.  Check out these photo from Eagle High School here...
Thursday 05/07/15 – Kevin Miller Show
Eagle High School hosts the broadcast as the school of the day in Kevin's "Promote Our Schools - Secure Our Future" campaign.  Interviews with staff and students and listeners are also treated to several songs from the Eagle High Jazz Choir.
Kevin Miller Thursday Preview
We start the day at Eagle High School interview students, parents, and teachers that continue to make Idaho a great state.  We continue our conversation regarding the safety of police officers. Speaking of officer safety, we'll honor the service of Officer Greg Moore...
Thursday – Kevin Miller Podcast
Kevin wrapped-up his Fall 2013 "Promote Our Schools and Secure Our Future" at Eagle High School. Principal Terry Beck, the Eagle High Jazz Choir and a variety of teachers, students and parents joined the broadcast.