Kevin Miller reports on the Bill Belicheck new conference involving the deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game.  He takes calls from passionate listeners on the topic.


Kevin Miller speaks with media critic and best selling author James Hirsen.  Dr. Hirsen looks at the continuing debate over the movie American Sniper.


Kevin Miller interviews Senator Dean Cameron about the upcoming state budget.  Senator Cameron explains the budgeting process concerning school funding.


Kevin Miller speaks with Nampa Mayor Bob Henry about economic development in his city.  The mayor goes over his plan to aid schools and build roads.

Kevin Miller congratulates the mayor for Panera Bread and Cracker Barrel coming to Nampa.


Kevin Miller speaks with Naghmeh Abedini who reveals what the president said to her yesterday while in Boise.

Kevin Miller questions why the mayor of Boise is traveling with the president.  He questions the cost of the trip.  Several folks call in to complain about the traffic problems caused by the presidential motorcade.


Kevin Miller and Alan L. Morton examine the economic impact of the president's speech to the Treasure Valley.  They take calls from listeners who disagree with Alan and agree with Kevin.


Kevin Miller and Dave react to the president's speech in Boise yesterday. They go over his agenda and the local reaction from the media.  Here's Kevin's blog on what the president said.

Kevin Miller and Dave look at the latest scandal involving the New England Patriots.