It's not often that the United States military asks the public for help. Americans are used to their military answering the call to serve whenever our nation is in trouble. Active-duty units, along with guard and reserve units, fight for freedom around the world.

When Idaho faces a natural disaster or needs help rescuing someone, the state's National Guard is on the scene. One can imagine the conversations across the country and within the Pentagon concerning the Marines seeking the public's help in locating a 'lost' F-35B Lightning II jet.

Thankfully, the plane crashed without harming humans or property. The plane was one of the most advanced aircraft in the world that couldn't be detected by conventional land or air-based radar.

The investigation has begun, and we'll keep you updated on what the government finds out concerning what happened to the plane. Although no one is happy about this story, our military in Idaho wouldn't have lost a plane or had to ask the public to help them find it.

Idaho is home to Gowen Field, which houses units from the Idaho Air and Army National Guards. The state attracts several foreign militaries to train in Idaho. The combination of American and other forces would continue to track a fighter plane and not lose it in the wide-open skies.    




Idaho is home to one of the most secure and active military bases, Mountain Home Air Force Base. Like Gowen, foreign allies flock to Mountain Home to train with our troops. The technology and expertise would prevent any aircraft from going missing.

Unlike the folks in South Carolina, Idahoans will not lose an aircraft and have to ask the public to help them find it.

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