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Colt Bolts On AR-15
One person said, 'that they're an AK-47 man.' If all firearm manufacturers followed Colt's lead, would the gun violence problem in the U.S. be solved?
Kevin Miller Show 9-20-19
Kevin Miller begins the program by reporting on the decision by the firearms manufacturer Colt not to sell the AR-15 to civilians anymore.  The company said that they're will continue to make them for the military.  Several folks called in to voice their opinions on Colt's decisi…
Kevin Miller Show 9-19-19
Kevin Miller begins the program by quickly updating the audience on the latest overnight news.  Kevin Miller reviews the state of the city speech by Boise Mayor Dave Bieter.  The mayor told the folks at the Egyptian Theater that he wants folks to carpool more and use scooters...
Kevin Miller Show 9-18-19
Kevin Miller begins the show by updating the audience on the latest concerning the Iranian Showdown.  He reports what the president has said and the reaction from the Middle East.  Kevin Miller takes calls from listeners who both want to take down the Iranian Regime and others who want Ame…
Kids Fear Climate Change
Members of Congress and Democratic Presidential Candidates have stated publicly that the Earth only has eight years left before the alleged damage is irreversible.

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