Idaho’s Skin Cancer Risk is Scary-High
This weekend is going to be a scorcher and it's going to feel like the sun is burning a hole right through us, and maybe it is. You won't believe how high Idaho ranks when it comes to skin cancer risk.
Are You Smarter Than An Idaho 4th Grader?
There is a lot of pride in the Gem State. If you live in Idaho, you love Idaho. Depending on how long you've been here or how much reading you've done about the state, you may know some local history, but how much do you know? Do you know enough about Idaho to pass a very basic 4th-grade q…
Boise is a Top 100 City for Gamers
Nintendo Switch consoles and Playstations were impossible to find at the height of the pandemic, but the fact that gamers cleaned Boise out must have vaulted us into the Top 100. The #1 gaming city is a total surprise, and there's one thing Boise can do to get there.
Boise’s Best Car Washes According To Yelp
Boise is full of microbreweries, coffee shops, bike shops, and a ridiculous number of car washes! You might not think of one car wash being better than another, but there are many differences. Some have brushes, others are touchless, and others are full-service...

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