We’re All Rubbing Bacteria On Our Faces Daily
And maybe it's better with the dryer climate in Boise? Scientists have figured out the limit of how many times you should use a towel before washing it and I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty gross.
Red Lobster Is Making A Big Change
One of the great things about America is our access to unlimited! Unlimited wifi, unlimited re-fills, never ending pasta, chips and salsa, you get the idea. Now do we always need unlimited versions of everything? Probably not. Red Lobster has thought this through and is making a big change that is h…
Aaron Paul Endorses Paulette Jordan
Could the race for the Senate lead to a visit to Idaho from President Donald Trump? The president has expressed his support for the senator in the past. Idaho is one of the few states that hasn't had a presidential visit yet.
Another State Moves To Legalize The Weed
The bill would drop the penalty for small scale possession to $50, which would be a big shift. Currently, if you’re found with even a tiny amount of marijuana, you can be sentenced to up to 30 days in jail and forced to pay a $500 fine.

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