When You'll Get Your Money
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
Every election year, politicians pledge to look out for us.  The coronavirus crisis has now put their promises to the text.  Recently, Congress has vowed to help those impacted by the shutdown of their industries.
Revenge of The Wipe Swipers
Idahoans are lining up outside of grocery stores as they use to for their favorite music acts. Instead of getting the best seats, they're getting household items that were taken for granted a month ago
In Brad We Trust
Behind the scenes, he's working with the people at the White House and other governors to help calm fears and curb the spread of the coronavirus.
We're Better Than This!
One caller described having a person pull a knife on him last night over a bag of peas. He responded by pulling out his gun, and the pea bandit withdrew.

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