School is back in session, the summer is over, and Idahoans are still working more and making less. The president says his plan, called Bidenonmics, is working to bring down inflation. However, as every Idahoan knows, the cost of groceries, deliverables, food, and everything else known to man continues to rise.

Gasoline prices in Idaho are among the highest in the country. For those who don't drive large or not-so-large trucks, the rise in diesel fuel hits you in the wallet. One has to wonder if there is any relief in sight. Are there any deals a family or individuals can enjoy without going broke?

High school football games provide a family fun-filled night of entertainment, but it's still not free. There's the cost of tickets, food, and who knows what goodies one must buy at a high school game.

Movie theaters offer lower-cost matinees but throw in the cost of driving to the movies and eating, and your wallet or purse still takes a beating. Idaho is a state blessed with an overabundance of natural resources such as lakes, rivers, streams, trails, ponds, walkways, and parks. Most Treasure Valley cities have at least one park where you can run, walk, and have the kids enjoy a playground.

Regardless of the season, there are still plenty of FREE options. Take your time and look at this extensive list below that reveals the 30 best activities you can enjoy in the Gem State without breaking your bank, budget, 401k, or savings account.

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