is a UK-based website that, as Wikipedia puts it, “matches service buyers to suitable service providers.” You tell the site what you need help with, they find people who will help you and tell you what they would charge. On a normal day, you could get help with, say, a toilet bowl that needs fixing. But today, the day after the Game of Thrones finale, they’re more interested in helping people who need help with their Cleganebowl.

Yes, to help grieving, lonely, despairing Game of Thrones fans looking at a future without their favorite show, is offering counseling services. When you type that into the search bar, you even get a pop-up menu allowing you to specify the exact kind of post-GoT ennui you’re feeling, from “Dealing with GoT loss” to “Dealing with David Benioff & Daniel Weiss’ writing decisions.”

See for yourself:

We all grieve in our own ways. And hey, if you need to talk to someone about “post GoT emptiness,” you absolutely should. (If you have issues with “numerous major GoT plot holes” you can probably save your money and just look at Reddit or something.) Plus, look at it this way. While the show may be over, you still have two more Game of Thrones books to look forward to when they’re done in about 18 years.

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