The Beatles have released the next track from their upcoming Revolver box set: the first take of "Tomorrow Never Knows."

This initial take was recorded on April 6, 1966, in Studio Three at EMI Studios, which would later become Abbey Road Studios. It was the band's first recording session for Revolver. "We had no sense of the momentousness of what we were doing," recording engineer Geoff Emerick later recalled. "It all just seemed like a bit of fun in a good cause at the time – but what we created that afternoon was actually the forerunner of today's beat-and-loop-driven music."

In June 1966, about a month before Revolver was released, Paul McCartney explained the track to NME: "We did it because I, for one, am sick of doing sounds that people can claim to have heard before."

You can listen to Take One of "Tomorrow Never Knows" below.

Last month, at a listening event in New York City, producer Giles Martin (son of Revolver producer George Martin) played a selection of tracks from the upcoming box set, which includes various outtakes and early recordings. The collection, which is now available for preorder, will be released on Oct. 28.

"I [was] given the keys to Abbey Road and the Beatles' vault and was allowed to go into the tapes," Giles Martin said. "And it's just amazing. It's such an amazing body of work. There's such energy that comes out of all of the tapes. My kind of role is like: Everyone should be able to hear that energy."

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