Here is a story so poetic in its irony it deserves to be put down in a handsome leather-bound book and placed on a shelf alongside the great works of Whitman and Yeats. To those great names we now add another legend: Forky.

Oh, poor Forky. Granted unwanted sentience by an unthinking toddler, he becomes the latest toy in Bonnie’s menagerie in Toy Story 4Forky, as she names him, wants nothing to do with any of that. He wants to die, to return to the warm, comforting embrace of the eternal void that is a life being trash. He repeatedly tries to return to the garbage — to essentially commit self-forkicide — before Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the Toy Story gang help him to see his self-worth, and appreciate the life of a toy.

In our world, things are not working out quite that way for at least one Forky. Disney has recalled an 11-inch plush Forky doll because of a “manufacturing defect” that, according to the press release, “could potentially pose a choking hazard to children under 3.”

Anyone who purchased one of these Forkys can get a full refund by visiting a Disney store or theme park. (You can also call 866-537-7649 or email If you purchased one of these, particularly for a small child, please do that.

For everyone else: Let us acknowledge the accidental magic of this moment. In Toy Story 4, a depressed, recycled plastic utensil learns how to be a toy and stops wanting to be trash. In our world, a toy fashioned into the likeness of that utensil is now being ordered to the trash heap because of a manufacturing defect. Why, it’s a plot so rich in potential tragedy — THINK OF THE THOUSANDS OF DOOMED FORKYS — it deserves to be the plot of its own Toy Story, with Woody trying to rescue a recalled Buzz from a dark fate in the abyss. (There actually was a version of Toy Story 3 with this exact concept.)

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