For some, retirement seems like a far-off, distant destination that we might not be able to reach. For others, retirement could be right around the corner. 

When you're ready to retire, what will be important to you? 

We know that the cost of living will vary across the U.S. Generally, urban areas and popular retirement destinations tend to have higher costs of living. Healthcare becomes more important as we age and can be very high for some retirees. 

Photo by Documerica on Unsplash
Photo by Documerica on Unsplash

Is climate, lifestyle, and activities important to you? 

With a diverse range of climates, from the tropical climate of Florida to the snowy winters in the Northeast and the beautiful weather out west, which will fit your lifestyle and health? You must also consider what activities you enjoy and choose a location that offers opportunities for those interests. 

Want to retire in a small town? There's one in Idaho that could be perfect for you. 

HGTV released a list of the "20 Best Small Towns To Retire," a small Idaho town has found itself on this list. Before we get to the big reveal, let's look at how HGTV determined where the 20 best small towns to retire were, "We looked at small towns with populations up to 100,000 residents that have been touted for their low cost of living, affordable housing, public safety, good-quality healthcare, and low tax rates." 

Photo by zero take on Unsplash
Photo by zero take on Unsplash

They also considered retirees' activities, including outdoor recreation, historic sites, live music, performances, sporting events, and bike trails. 

HGTV's 20 Best Small Towns To Retire

Looking for the best small town to retire? HGTV compiled a list of the best small towns to retire across the country and a small Idaho town made the list.

If I was going to retire in Eagle, I would want to buy this house with a private go-kart track.

Astonishing Eagle, Idaho Home Has Its Own Private Go-Kart Track

Located at 2101 N Corsey Way in Eagle, this luxury home is unlike anything we've seen before!

Maybe you're not ready to retire. If you're about to raise a family, then you should be looking at this list of the 50 Best Small Towns To Raise a Family in America. 

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Looking for the best small towns to raise a family? Stacker compiled this list of the top 50 small towns in the United States using 2023 data from Niche.

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