A Harvard scientist just pantsed himself, publishing a mind-blowing theory that the Earth, the Universe, all of it, was created in a lab by ALIENS. Why anybody wants to go that far down the we're-all-somebody's-gerbils-in-a-great-big-experiment-therefore-life-has-no-meaning-rabbit hole is beyond us, BUT, lots of us believe in the existence of aliens.  And that holds plenty true in the world of rock and roll.

There are all kinds of songs that talk about extra-terrestrial life, from the tongue-in-cheek "Purple People Eater" to the wonderous "Starlight" to the playful "Everybody's Fucking in a UFO" (god bless Rob Zombie.) But it's more about the people that truly accept or have seen it with their own eyes that keep this theory in orbit.  Read on below to see the rockers that want to believe, X-Files style.

Musicians That Believe in Aliens

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