While life insurance policies can help your family members receive financial assistance once you pass, they can be extremely expensive in the meantime.

If you ever need to pay off debts or if you simply don’t want life insurance anymore, consider selling your whole life insurance policy to Aspen Life Settlements.

Instead of stopping your payments and letting the policy lapse, you can sell your policy for cash. Not only will you receive money for your policy, but you can stop making payments AND retain needed coverage.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact Aspen Life Settlements where they’ll answer your questions. You’ll receive a firm quote on the amount of money they would be willing to pay for your policy, and the amount of expected death benefits you would retain.
  2. Review all paperwork and details with a trusted professional.
  3. Aspen Life Settlements will set up a third-party escrow account with an FDIC insured bank to sign all paperwork and ensure that the money is transferred to you as agreed.
  4. Upon acknowledgement by the insurance company of the transfer, the purchase price will be transferred into your bank account within three business days.

If you’re curious about how much money you can receive for your whole life insurance policy AND retain your needed coverage, you can learn more at AspenLifeSettlements.com

This post was sponsored by Aspen Life Settlements. All opinions remain our own.

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